Mountaintops inspire leaders,  but valleys mature them.  

Winston Churchill



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"I speak very highly of Glenn – he is a fantastic coach for me as a leader and manager of people. Glenn immediately creates a friendly, welcoming environment that puts you at your ease. He listens and asks great, thought-provoking questions – often making me think about a situation through a new lens or angle that I never would have thought of on my own. Glenn has coached me on aspects of managing managers, helping my team of 20+ navigate major change, decisions around my career path, as well as my mental game and overcoming limiting beliefs. Glenn adds tremendous value – and I always look forward to our sessions!"

Emily S., Director Of Professional Services, Seattle

Coaching To Peak Performance


You may be considering a coach because you're already a successful leader or executive but you want to be even better. You may be a new leader wanting to establish a solid leadership foundation. Or, perhaps, you're struggling with a particular leadership challenge.
Consistent success takes investment - investment in your personal growth as much as in your business itself.
With over 15 years in leadership, I know just how important it is to stay on your toes. Change, turbulence and uncertainty are incessant in today's business environment, and they're here to stay. More than ever, leaders need to challenge themselves - up their game so they are fully prepared to face the external and internal challenges before them.
As an International Coach Federation credentialed coach, I combine my long leadership and career experience with effective coaching process to help you do just that. Supporting you so that you can be at your very best for your team, your company and yourself.


Coaching To Your Needs

As a coach, I have been offered the privilege of supporting a wide-variety of leaders, from new to very experienced, from front-line to executive. Whether you're a leader of people, projects or products, or a from a multi-national company or start-up, I can help you.
As your coach, I adapt to your specific coaching needs. Here are some examples of common coaching topics for my clients:
-Time management and prioritization
-Mindset, self-confidence and resiliency
-Emotional intelligence
-Team and personal accountability
-Strategic and innovative thinking
-Motivation and engagement of team and self
-Collaboration and operating in the matrix
-Coaching team members
-Leading change 
-Communication and having difficult conversations
-Leading teams
-Building trust
-Executive and leadership presence
-Career development and personal brand
These are just some examples of how I can support you. If one or more of these hits home, you're not alone!



Experience Where It Counts

Ultimately you want results. As you decide on whether leadership or executive coaching is for you - and on a coach - you are likely asking yourself the question: Can a coach help me to achieve my goals?
Providing value to my clients is paramount for me. To do this, I combine my deep 15+ year leadership background with varied professional coach experience that includes leaders from intact and cross-functional teams, from front-line to executive suite, and spanning diverse industries from Health Care to Banking to Hospitality. 
View my Client Testimonials page to see the value that some other leaders have received through coaching with me.
Interested in learning more? Schedule a complimentary exploratory session where we can meet and get to know each other, to explore what you want to achieve from coaching, and to answer any questions you may have.

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