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Isn't It Time To Also Serve Yourself As A Leader?...

Had enough of simply coping as a leader? Want to return to a place of calm and control? Where you can serve others effectively and reassert yourself as a leader of influence in your organization?

Change and turbulence in business environments have left many leaders stressed, uncentered and unfulfilled. If this is you, you may be feeling like your control has been eroded, diminishing your leadership presence and your ability to serve those you lead (leading to even further stress). 

Are you ready to reset, replenish and revitalize as a leader? To take control back and create the leadership experience you really want?

Explore this site for more information about who I am and my Road To Change™ transformative process that will propel you back into your leadership flow.

I help you serve yourself first so that you can be the best leader possible for others within your organization.

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What Clients Are Saying About Glenn...

"I speak very highly of Glenn – he is a fantastic coach for me as a leader and manager of people. Glenn immediately creates a friendly, welcoming environment that puts you at your ease. He listens and asks great, thought-provoking questions – often making me think about a situation through a new lens or angle that I never would have thought of on my own. Glenn has coached me on aspects of managing managers, helping my team of 20+ navigate major change, decisions around my career path, as well as my mental game and overcoming limiting beliefs. Glenn adds tremendous value – and I always look forward to our sessions!"
Emily S., Vice-President of Operations, Seattle
"It was a pleasure working with Glenn, and more than that – it was effective. After I had left a previous position, he helped me figure out my next steps by listening, asking insightful and penetrating questions, and occasionally by challenging me in areas I did not realize I was stuck. He always brought a clear sense of direction to our meetings, helping me move forward and create action and momentum toward my goals. His warmth and depth of experience were a huge support and helped cut down the amount of time spent floundering and directionless. I’d recommend Glenn’s coaching to others who are looking to refine their career satisfaction, or perhaps move in an entirely new direction."
Lulu C., Dietician, Australia
"Glenn did an amazing job listening to me and helping me reflect on my thoughts and beliefs. His support came at a critical point in my life and career which allowed me to deal with a difficult workplace situation and come out smelling like a rose.”
Diederik, Marketing Director, Ontario
"Glenn has been of tremendous help and support in helping me in my career transition process, from preparation of meeting key stakeholders to developing a personal marketing plan. Most importantly, he pushed me to step out of my comfort zone to allow me to fully realize my potential. It has been a pleasure working with Glenn and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for impactful, results-based coaching."
Keng C., Recruiter, Singapore
"Working with Glenn has been an amazing journey.  From the very first conversation, he made me feel listened to. His presence gave me the confidence to challenge my fears and find clarity. With his support I discovered what was holding me back but also I realised that I have the power inside me to overcome those limiting beliefs. The positive impact on my life and my relations are a proof of the fantastic work we did together." 
Fabio S., Business Owner, Spain
"Glenn and I had several coaching sessions on leadership challenges. Glenn was greatly helpful in partnering with me exploring my leadership values & principles and leverage coaching approach in engaging and motivating my team members and improving team performance. Glenn was a great listener and created safe space for me to freely look inside and explore the solutions there. In these sessions, Glenn also leveraged his own leadership experiences and insights and helped me to see the different perspectives and possibilities. I would highly recommend Glenn to anyone looking for coaching to be more effective in dealing with management/leadership challenges."
Kathy, Director of HR, Shanghai
ICF ACC Credential