Image of Glenn Case Vancouver Leadership, Executive and Business Coach


Coaching has the power to create real, sustained changes in people's lives. I witnessed it myself so many times during the many years in leading my own team members. How it guided them to their own creative solutions to their most stubborn challenges and empowered them in their work and life.
And I felt the impact of coaching on a personal level when my own coach helped me to revisit my values and re-create a vision for my future. The result was a transformative experience that led me to leave corporate life and commit my time and energy to a coaching practice.
Now, as a Leadership and Executive coach, I have the pleasure of supporting other leaders in their growth and success. Helping high-functioning and high-performing individuals to grow even further as leaders.
I draw a great deal on my own leadership experiences to support my clients. In my over 25 years in business and 15+ years in varied leadership roles, I've managed remote teams spread over 5 provinces. Led multiple cross-functional teams. And acted as a core member of national strategic brand teams. 
Through my extensive corporate experience and as a Leadership Team Coach for one of the largest health authorities in Canada, I understand the myriad challenges faced by leaders at all levels, and by the teams they lead. As a coach, I have worked with leaders from a variety of industries as diverse as Health Care, Banking, High Tech, Biotech and Hospitality.
On a personal level, during my career I've been downsized, promoted, relocated, and experienced career change and uncertainty. Adapted to changes in managers and in teams. Navigated different company cultures. Led award-winning teams through mergers and major restructures. Built teams and witnessed their demise due to global forces.
Experience that provides me with insights and perspectives allowing me to relate to where you're coming from.
As an ICF-credentialed Certified Professional Coach, I combine my varied leadership and career background and the application of effective coaching process to help you create the experience you truly want. To tackle the challenges that may be blocking your way forward. To better leverage your strengths and talents. And to highlight blindspots and close gaps they may be hindering your effectiveness. 
In short, I support you to become the best for others and for yourself.
Contact me to learn more about me and how I can support you!