30 Affirmations for Heart-Centered Leadership in 2020

January 4, 2020 Glenn Case

Why New Age leaders lead from the heart...


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Leadership is undergoing a rebirth of sorts. A new age. A transformation within that has been fuelled by incessant transformation without.

Leaders of today and of the future are not just expected to do more with less. They’re also required to constantly adapt to profound ambiguity, as systems, structures and processes morph mercilessly around them. These ever-shifting sands have brought with them unprecedented levels of complexity, uncertainty and stress.

Successful New Age leaders know that within this constantly reconfiguring existence, their only true control lies in developing how they and, by extension, their teams respond to this ambiguity. To achieve this, the essence of effective leadership is shifting. From mind-centered to one rooted in compassion. One centered in the heart.

Predicting how the winds of change will impact an organization in future is little more than a shot in the dark. Predictability has become a quaint and fading thing.

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware that their future success is tied to creating highly-adaptive teams. Ones that can flex to change and ambiguity in real time. Teams underpinned by emotional safety, co-creativity, spontaneity and envisioning are quickly becoming an organization's most potent competitive advantage. In fact, without this, these organizations will eventually cease to be.

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware that their future success is tied to creating teams that can flex to change and ambiguity in real time.

This new paradigm of success lies on the emotional level. And only heart-centered leadership can make this happen.

As Daniel Goleman notes in his article Master the Four Styles of Resonant Leadership,

“Leaders have the power to impact the emotional states of people around them. They can have a positive effect, pulling everyone onto the same upbeat wavelength. Or, they can create dissonance, where their negativity bumps up against the emotions of others.”

Heart-centred leadership engenders trust and emotional safety. Heart-centered leaders understand that one must be both emotionally-resilient and emotionally-resonant. As Goleman goes on to say,

“Resonant leaders use their emotional intelligence to direct the feelings to help a group meet its goals”.

Heart-centered leadership creates the foundation for a team to come together as a self-sustaining, fully creative, and resilient entity. One that faces the future with a solutions-focused optimism. 

To this end, leaders must invest in their own emotional growth so that they can model for their teams a clarity and calm in spite of uncontrollable external change.

Heart-centered leadership creates the foundation for a team to come together as a self-sustaining, fully creative, resilient entity that faces the future with a solutions-focused optimism. 

The affirmations below are designed to help leaders visualize and prioritize heart-centred leadership behaviours. They reinforce what might already be occurring. And, in some cases, behaviours that can be developed. They represent clear intentions to become the best version of yourself as a leader.

Take from these whatever resonates with you. Or use them as a springboard to create your own.

Remember: Your true leadership power comes from your heart. It’s yours for the taking.

All the best in 2020!

30 Affirmations for Heart-Centered Leadership

1.   I embrace change with gratitude and optimism.

2.   I reflect daily on my experiences, acknowledging and integrating the lessons they have taught me.

3.   I inspire others through my vulnerability, allowing them to see my humanity.

4.   I express gratitude daily for the gift of leading others.

5.   I adapt my leadership to the individual, understanding that everyone’s needs are different.

6.   I release all assumptions, exploring only with curiosity and a desire to understand.

7.   I embrace change in all its forms, knowing that it offers the gift of learning and growth.

8.   I have a clear vision of the type of leader I want to be, and I take intentional action daily to build toward this.

9.   I ask for feedback regularly, accept it with grace, and take action on what I learn.

10. I am motivated by love in all I do.

11. I lead through positive energy. I care for myself physically, emotionally and spiritually so I can be the best for those I lead.

12. I am confident in my talents and abilities.

13. How others view me is a direct reflection of how I view myself. I hold my head high and speak with clarity and confidence.

14. I stay present and positive because I know my thoughts today create my future.

15. I gain strength from building deep connection with others.

16. I tap into and leverage the creative power of my team.

17. I take risks, and help my team do the same, knowing this is how we grow.

18. I release fear, the feeling of lack, anger and stress, knowing these are all of my own making and stand in the way of becoming the leader I aspire to become.

19. I know that failure is a human construct. There is only learning.

20. I help others see and realize their true potential.

21. My true purpose as a leader is to improve the life experience of others.

22. I strive to live in the present moment at all times, for the present is all I can control.

23. I release judgment and blame.

24. I welcome different and opposing views, understanding that we are stronger when all voices are heard.

25. I am thankful for my team and colleagues for all they have taught me and have yet to teach me.

26. I always speak truthfully.

27. I trust others, believing they have positive intentions.

28. My door is always open, as I know that my best investment as a leaders is in those I lead.

29. I always act for the greater good of humanity and the world.

30. I release ego-based, self-defeating thoughts. I am compassionate to myself at all times.

Glenn Case is a Leadership, Executive and Team Coach in Vancouver, Canada. 

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