August 16, 2018 Glenn Case

Photo of different stages of butterfly development signifying the impact of coaching on growth and development

A leader's time is becoming fragmented as never before. Incorporating new processes and technology. Increased matrix-team involvement. Dealing with the demands of an ever-increasing competitive landscape. The list goes on.

Where then does coaching one's team members come into play?

Most leaders understand that coaching is an important component of success.

July 14, 2018 Glenn Case

telescope looking through a wall signifying leader and ability to see potential in others

We all remember those strong leaders we've encountered in our lives. Their impact lingers because that's the nature of true leadership.

I learned early that the strongest leaders see beyond the immediate need. They see potential. Not just of the worker but of the individual.

June 28, 2018 Glenn Case

Brick wall with hole signifying vulnerability

Vulnerability is one of those words that immediately stimulate a guttural response. Conjured up is the fortress wall breached. A teeming, angry hoard pouring through full of mal-intent.
It's a word that one typically connects with danger.
Leaders - as most people - are comfortable inside the "known".
June 16, 2018 Glenn Case

Sin with the words Action Changes Things - increasing confidence through action

Confidence is often assumed to be a prerequisite for success. Paradoxically, it's a lack of confidence that often keeps us from taking the bold steps we need to find success.
As author and coach Rich Litvin states, "Confidence is a result, not a requirement."
Let's think about this for a moment.
March 25, 2018 Glenn Case

microphone on a stage with a spotlight on it signifying receiving positive attention

Let's be clear. Others' perceptions of you can make or break your chances for a promotion. Why? Because companies promote people based on how they're "perceived". The old saying "perception is reality" is never more true than in these situations.
If you take an honest look at yourself today, how do you think others view you?