Coaching for Business Owners

The Unique Challenges of Business Ownership

As a business owner,  you carry the full burden of success and of failure. Wearing many hats at once, you may often find yourself running from fire to fire. 

The common result?

-Unhealthy and unsustainable levels of stress

-Existence in "coping mode"

-Loss of focus on those areas that should be prioritized

-"Tunnel-vision" resulting from many long hours of workingin rather then on your business

-Loss of perspective and strategic focus

-Engaging in negative and self-limiting thoughts and perspectives

-Unachieved or partially-achieved goals


 The Inner Game of Business



Are You Ready To Serve Yourself?

My 7-step Road to Change™ coaching process helps business owners like you sharpen your "Inner Game". To gain better control over your thinking, emotions and perspectives that may be limiting your success and peace of mind.

Through coaching, I can help you...

Enhance your strategic thinking focus and ability.

Stay laser-focused on your vision and goals, and keep yourself accountable for making it happen.

Increase you creativity and inspiration for you work.

Enhance your communication and ability to influence others, including your employees and customers.

Ramp up your engagement and capacity to engage others around you.

Prioritize more effectively.

Stay energized and centred regardless of what's happening in your environment.

Highlight and better leverage your strengths and talents.

Reclaim your sense of peace and calm.

Increase your self-awareness and emotional awareness.


My 7-Step Road to Change™ Coaching Process

As your coach, I act as your partner in your success. My 7-step Road to Change™ process is designed to ultimately create behaviours that allow you to prioritize and achieve your goals, realize your full potential and drive your business performance. 

For more on my Road to Change™ coaching process, click here.



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