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To build your Influence Muscle, start here...

Influence is about getting what you need. 

In our cross-functional corporate world, this often means getting what you need without having actual authority over others.

Influence in this complex environment is challenging. However leaders who strengthen their Influence muscle see benefits in their leadership that extend beyond getting what they need in the moment.



Want to be a resilient leader? Accept what is.

You feel it sometimes, even often. The expectation that you need to be the strong one. The balanced one. The calm one. To be the rock in the storm. Each time you’re the voice of reason in times of conflict or change, or have to give difficult feedback, or to make a painful decision, or to lead others once again through uncertainty, you feel it.
Make your feedback count by making it wanted.
"Feedback is the breakfast of champions", as Ken Blanchard famously said.
To develop, to grow and to win, feedback is essential.
The blatant truth is though, most people are loathe to receive feedback, and good managers can't help but tune into this negative energy.
Carving Time Out For Coaching Your Team
A leader's time is becoming fragmented as never before. Incorporating new processes and technology. Increased matrix-team involvement. Dealing with the demands of an ever-increasing competitive landscape. The list goes on. Where then does coaching one's team members come into play?








A Leader's Lasting Impact.









We all remember those strong leaders we've encountered in our lives. Their impact lingers because that's the nature of true leadership.
I learned early that the strongest leaders see beyond the immediate need.