About Coach Glenn

I bring to my practice as a coach a deep understanding of the myriad challenges and changes that abound in business. Experience that provides me with insights and perspectives allowing me to speak your language, whether you're a business professional or a leader of people.

Experience where it counts...

Coaching is most effective when informed by experience. In my 27 years in business and 15+ years as a district and regional sales leader, I've managed remote teams spread over 5 provinces. Lead multiple cross-functional teams and acted as a core member of national strategic brand teams. 

I've also experienced both the highs and lows ushered in by turbulent change. 

I've been downsized, promoted, relocated, and experienced career change and uncertainty. Adapted to changes in managers and in teams. Navigated different company cultures. Lead award-winning teams through mergers and major restructures. Built teams and witnessed their demise due to global forces.

Experience the Power of Coaching

Facing your own business or career challenges? I'm here to help you gain deep personal insights and to create a clear plan toward real change.

I strongly believe in the creative potential of human beings. In my many years coaching my team members and as a professional coach, I've seen over and over again the power of coaching to tap into this creativity. Its ability to source novel and exciting solutions to even the most stubborn of challenges, and to transform one's experience in life.

As an ICF-credentialed Certified Professional Coach, I combine my varied career and leadership background with the application of full coaching process to help you create the experience you truly want. To tackle the challenges that may be blocking your way forward, while supporting you to become the best for others and for yourself.

My Clients Include...

*Business professionals wanting to enhance their career experience

*Corporate leaders at all levels

*New leaders within the first 2 years of leadership

*Aspiring Leaders  - individual contributors working toward their first leadership role

*Business Owners