Coaching Packages

Note: Individual customized packages can also be created based on need.

Career Success

"4-Bridges To Success" Package

If you're wanting to...

-Strengthen your opportunities for career advancement.

-Develop your leadership potential.

-Increase your perceived value to your company.

-Build stronger relationships with co-workers.

Package description...

-Explores the 4 key "bridges" essential to developing a Stand-Out Personal Brand: Business, Cultural, Personal and Team.

-Highlights and leverages areas of Personal Brand strength.

-Uncovers areas needing to be strengthened and co-creates action plans to make it happen.

-Enhances corporate networking effectiveness through isolating and assessing its core components.

-Designed to "flex" to the specific coaching needs of the client.

Number of 1-hour Sessions: 8

Cost: $1120 CAD

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Career Transition

"Vista" Package

If you're wanting to...

-Assess your readiness for career change

-Make a career change, but are unsure about what this looks like or how to attain it.

-Be supported in a pending or ongoing career change.

-Plan for retirement or a move to entrepreneurship.

Package description (can be adapted based on individual need)...

-Complete a personal values assessment to define your core drivers and values.

-Clarify what you really want - gain clarity around your vision of the future you want.

-Create an inventory of your strengths, experiences and interests that you can leverage.

-Highlight and explore any barriers or gaps that might be standing in your way of getting what you want.

-Create a more empowering perspective for future growth.

-Establish and enact an action plan to get you moving on your path.

-Be supported along your journey to change.

Number of 1-hour Sessions: 8

Cost: $1120 CAD

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"Ascend" Package for New Leaders


If you're new or relatively new to leadership and wanting to...

-Have an experienced leader and partner to support you.

-Want to ensure you're "covering all the bases" in your new role.

-Increase your level of success or fulfillment in your new position.

-Establish yourself as a visionary leader that people want to follow.

Package description (can be adapted based on individual need)...

-Assess the leadership landscape and prioritize what's important now.

-Define the type of leader you want to be and how to create it.

-Explore how to get what you need as a new leader.

-Create a plan to optimally engage your team members.

-Grow your coaching effectiveness.

-Explore approaches for challenging employees and situations.

-Maximize your cross-functional team effectiveness.

-Manage your time and priorities effectively.

-Achieve a healthy life-work balance.

-Highlight your developmental needs and create a plan to address them.

Number of 1-hour Sessions: 12

Cost: $1560

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