What is Coaching?

Coaching is at its heart a creative process. Through the use of thought-provoking questions and active listening, the coach guides the client on a journey of self-awareness and self-actualization.

It assumes that the client holds all the answers to the challenges being faced. As a result, it is the client’s agenda that is the driving force in the coach-client partnership. As guide and “owner” of the process, the coach ensures the client’s agenda is given priority at all times.

It is neither counselling nor consulting.

Counselling focuses on the past. It works to resolve issues from the past that hamper the individual’s emotional functioning in the present. On the other hand, coaching is future-focused. It helps the client develop a specific action plan designed to make his/her vision a reality.

Consulting, while also future-focused, leverages expertise to diagnose issues such as a business challenge. It typically provides advice and, at times, direction. Coaching does not provide advice and is not prescriptive in any way.

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