Executive Coaching




As an executive, you wear many hats. Constantly pulled in varying directions, your time and attention fragmented, it's understandable that to cope one must rely on established habits.

While this has its place, when relying on habits itself becomes habitual, problems can develop. Priorities become misplaced. Inefficiencies occur. Big-picture thinking becomes limited. And, most importantly, the ability of an executive to lead suffers.

The greater one's responsibility, the more serious the impact of these issues on the organization.

To avoid this, an executive must always challenge his/her leadership approach.

"Glenn has coached me on aspects of managing managers, helping my team of 20+ navigate major change, decisions around my career path, as well as my mental game and overcoming limiting beliefs. Glenn adds tremendous value – and I always look forward to our sessions!"

Emily S., Vice-President Operations, Seattle

How I Help You...

Offering an experienced, objective perspective, I assist you to...

  • *Uncover your limited-thinking patterns.

  • *Expose blind spots that are damaging your leadership effectiveness.

  • *Highlight developmental areas and create clear action plans to address them.

  • *Strengthen your leadership impact on your direct team.

  • *Better prioritize your time and actions.

  • *Heighten your strategic thinking.

  • *Hone your leadership and organizational vision, and communicate it effectively.

  • *Create a more effective and unified leadership team.

I act as sounding board, objective viewpoint, truth teller, and accountability partner. My approach as your coach is to dig deep with you to get at what's most important to your executive leadership development

I leverage full coaching technique and process in conjunction with validated assessments as required to assist you in creating and applying defined plans to get real-life results as quickly as possible. 

Contact me with any questions you may have, or book a complimentary Exploration Session to explore further how I can help you.