Road to Change™ Process



As your coach, I act as your partner in your success. My 7-step Road to Change™ process is designed to ultimately create behaviours that allow you to realize your full potential and drive success. 

The Road to Change™ process is designed first and foremost to re-energize through self awareness. It leads you through a deep introspection to..

-Highlight and leverage your strengths and talents

-Uncover blind spots that may be impeding your success

-Explore negative or limiting thinking, emotions, and perspectives that may be sabotaging you

-Create new solutions to entrenched challenges and action plans to address them

Ultimately, we remove thinking that is not serving you, replacing it with new thinking and sustained behaviours that empower and enrich.

I commit at all times to offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment where you can fully express yourself.

Throughout the process, I will inquire, challenge, support and acknowledge. I will be an objective sounding board, truth-teller and muse. I will help you hold yourself accountable for your goals.

And, I’ll celebrate your successes with you as they unfold!

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7-Step Road to Change™ Process for Transformation

Road to Change Coaching Process for leaders