Integrated Coaching For Success™

Driving Organizational Performance Through Effective Coaching

The many negative impacts of low Employee Engagement in organizations are well-known. The Integrated Coaching For Success™ platform is designed to improve one of the most important drivers of engagement...

Leadership Effectiveness.

Highlighting the opportunity

-Employee engagement rates remain startlingly low, with only 33% engaged in their work (Gallop, 2017).

-The employee's direct manager is the 3rd most important reason employees stay with or leave their company (Gallop, 2017).

-Managers who coach most effectively have been shown to consistently have the most engaged employees (Zenger and Folkman, Harvard Business Review, 2014).

-74% of top companies cite coaching as the front-line manager's most important role (Forbes, 2015). In spite of this, almost half (47%) of managers spend less than 30 minutes per week coaching individual employees (CSO Insights, 2017).

The benefits of high Employee Engagement 

According to Gallop 2016, business units with the highest levels of engagement have markedly stronger outcomes, including...

*41% decrease in absenteeism

*24%-59% decrease in turnover

*17% higher productivity

*20% higher sales

*21% higher profitability

The solution you're looking for...

The Integrated Coaching for Success™ Platform is designed to take manager coaching effectiveness and application to the next level. Through enhanced coaching application, a manager's leadership strength is significantly heightened. As a result, engagement levels of employees they lead also increase markedly.

Managers regularly have discussions with their team members around important areas. These include skill development, demonstration of competencies, and performance management, to name just a few. Unfortunately, in many of these discussions, the application of effective coaching technique gets sidelined. Time limitations, perception of low value and other barriers often get in the way.

Integrated Coaching for Success™ (ICS) is designed to fill this gap. 

How is ICS different from other manager training approaches?

Integrated Coaching for Success™ (ICS) offers four key differentiators from typical training programs. 

1) Individualized vs. Model approach: Unlike a model which is often a one-size-fits-all approach, the Integrated Coaching For Success™ Platform is designed to generate an individualized coaching implementation plan. A plan designed to fit into the daily activity of the manager, ensuring real-life applicability.

2) Complements Current Training: ICS concentrates on one specific, yet critical, area - guiding managers to becoming more effective leaders through enhanced coaching. Because this platform focuses solely on a manager's coaching effectiveness, it can act as a "foundational" component to any existing training programs.

3) Sustained Impact: Many manager training sessions are 1 or 2 day sessions that have little built-in capacity for follow-through. Integrated Coaching for Success™ incorporates coach-manager touch points at regular intervals over a 3-6 month period. This ensures optimal integration of the manager's action plan.

4) Measurable Impact: Part of the Integrated Coaching for Success™ approach is the defining of key performance indicators to track impact. Not only is this critical for the company, but also for the manager so that they can witness the value of effective coaching.

The Integrated Coaching for Success™ Platform also:

-Revisits of the core elements of effective coaching technique such as effective questioning, active listening, reframing, leveraging the power of silence, etc.

-Assesses current coaching application, including what's working well and what's not.

-Deep dives into the current barriers to effective coaching application, and the creation of "real-life" solutions.

Next Steps

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