"Glenn has coached me on aspects of managing managers, helping my team of 20+ navigate major change, decisions around my career path, as well as my mental game and overcoming limiting beliefs. Glenn adds tremendous value – and I always look forward to our sessions!"

Emily, Director of Professional Services, Seattle

Ready For More As A Leader?

As a Leadership Coach, I support the most successful of people. Paradoxically, it's because of this success that many leaders don't realize they need a coach until they actually work with one!

I help accomplished leaders challenge their thinking, attitudes and behaviours to become the best and most-effective version of themselves.

I support leaders through...

-Opening the windows to fresh perspectives

-Challenging limiting thinking patterns

-Uncovering blind spots

-Offering an external, objective and honest viewpoint

-Taking thinking from the weeds to the 10,000 foot view

-Taking thinking back down from the 10,000 foot view to meaningful action

-Acting as a non-judgmental sounding board

-Opening up new possibilities for growth: Growth in success. Growth in fulfillment. Growth in self-development.

In short, I act as an experienced partner, guide and truth-teller in your continued and heightened future performance and job satisfaction.

Want a fresh approach to your development as a leader. Let's chat! I am an ICF Certified Professional Coach drawing on 17 years of leadership experience.

The Proven Benefits Of Leadership Coaching

man with finger pointing to graph showing increasing performance

According to the 2014 Global Coaching Client Study from the International Coaching Federation, of individuals who had received coaching...

*80% experienced improved self-confidence

*72% experienced improved relationships

*72% experienced improved communication skills

*70% experienced improved work performance

*61% experienced improved business management

*57% experienced improved time management

*51% experienced improved team performance

As a leader, improvements in these core areas can significantly enhance your performance and success.

To learn more about who I am, please go to my About page.