Leadership Coaching

The future of Leadership is here!

Self-empowerment. Learning. Personal growth. Sense of purpose. Trust.

These are the needs of today's workforce. The traditional "command and control" approach to leadership no longer meets these needs. Modern employees look to leaders who listen and adapt. They demand leadership that responds to the heart and conscience. As a result, leaders who understand the creative human potential within their team and create an environment of empowerment and learning are those that not only stand out.

They thrive.

Leader working with team to create a solution

Find Good People. Set Them Free.

 Richard Branson

How do Leaders benefit from coaching?

According to the 2014 Global Coaching Client Study from the International Coaching Federation, of individuals who had received coaching...

*80% experienced improved self-confidence

*72% experienced improved relationships

*72% experienced improved communication skills

*70% experienced improved work performance

*61% experienced improved business management

*57% experienced improved time management

*51% experienced improved team performance

As a leader, improvements in these core areas can significantly enhance your effectiveness.

How can I help you as your Leadership partner?

After over 15 years as a manager and leader, I have lived the transition that is required for leadership success in today's corporate world. I understand your desire to attain peak performance for both yourself and your team. As a Certified Professional Coach, I will partner with you to help you...

-Strengthen your Leadership Presence.

-Define a clear purpose and vision for yourself as a leader and for your team.

-Highlight and leverage your core strengths.

-Enhance teamwork and overall engagement of your team, thereby increasing effectiveness and retention.

-Increase job fulfillment of your direct reports through increased manager responsiveness and delegation (thereby creating an environment of empowerment).

-Lead change through preparing your team for approaching change and uncertainty.

-Increase your coaching effectiveness with your team, leading to enhanced trust, effectiveness and teamwork.

-Increase your own ability to influence upwards.

-Better define your own career path.

-Deal more effectively with high emotion/conflict situations through assessing your "triggers" and employing greater mindfulness.

-Increase your own assertiveness and confidence.

-Hold yourself accountable to your commitments to action.

My commitment to you

There are a lot of pressures on today's leaders. My "blended approach" combines coaching process and my leadership experience to guide you to greater self-awareness, learning and effectiveness. I will act as your partner to help you find the success and fulfillment you want. For you and your team.

To learn more about who I am, please go to my About page.