Leadership Coaching 


Ready For More As A Leader?

As a Leadership Coach, I support the most successful of people. I help accomplished leaders and business owners challenge their thinking, attitudes and behaviours. To become the best and most-effective version of themselves.

I support leaders by...

-Opening the windows to fresh perspectives.

-Challenging limiting thinking patterns.

-Uncovering blind spots and other developmental needs that impede leadership excellence.

-Offering an external, objective and honest viewpoint.

-Taking thinking to a higher, more strategic level.

-Co-creating clear and specific action plans that lead to meaningful behaviour change.

-Acting as a non-judgmental sounding board.

-Strengthening interpersonal skills.

-Enhancing planning and prioritization ability.

-Improving stress and life-work harmony.

-Building stronger, more engaged teams.

-Enhancing your coaching ability.

-Creating stronger relationships and influence.

In short, I act as an experienced partner, guide and truth-teller in your continued and heightened future leadership performance.

"Glenn and I had several coaching sessions on leadership challenges. Glenn was greatly helpful in partnering with me exploring my leadership values & principles and leverage coaching approach in engaging and motivating my team members and improving team performance. Glenn was a great listener and created safe space for me to freely look inside and explore the solutions there. In these sessions, Glenn also leveraged his own leadership experiences and insights and helped me to see the different perspectives and possibilities. I would highly recommend Glenn to anyone looking for coaching to be more effective in dealing with management/leadership challenges."

Kathy Z., Director of Human Resources


My Coaching Programs 


1. Leadership Presence  Strengthen Your Leadership Effectiveness

Build your leadership presence and impact within your immediate team and entire organization.

Highlighting and building on your top leadership strengths and developmental areas, this program is designed to create real action where it's most beneficial to you, and ensures the behavioural shifts required for success.

Designed for: 1) leaders at all organization levels, and 2) business owners wanting to deepen their people-leadership impact.

2. Engage and Mobilize  Increase Employee and Team Engagement

According to the major 2017 Gallop "State of the American Workplace" study of almost 200,000 employees, only 33% of employees rate themselves as engaged.

Get to the crux of what's holding back your team performance, and develop and implement individualized plans to enhance your team's engagement and motivation.

Designed for: Organizations and leaders at all levels who are struggling with stagnant or dropping employment engagement, or those wishing to take their engagement to the next level. 

3. Coachwise  - Build Your Coaching Impact

The modern workforce is demanding coaching from their managers. At the same time, the rates of coaching by managers remain low.

Starting with an assessment of your coaching competency strengths and gaps, this program takes you on a journey to becoming the coach your team members need and want..  

Designed for: all people managers who want to develop a stronger, more trusting connection with their team members and enhance performance. Particularly useful for leaders of sales organizations.

For Organizational Coaching, click here to view my  "Integrated Coaching For Success" platform.

4. Leader Mentor  - Develop as a New or Future Leader

Whether a new leader ascending the steep learning curve of leadership, or an aspiring leader preparing for the future, this program is for you.

Designed for: New managers within the first 2 years and high-performers being considered for future leadership roles.

The Proven Benefits Of Leadership Coaching

man with finger pointing to graph showing increasing performance

According to the 2014 Global Coaching Client Study from the International Coaching Federation, of individuals who had received coaching...

*80% experienced improved self-confidence

*72% experienced improved relationships

*72% experienced improved communication skills

*70% experienced improved work performance

*61% experienced improved business management

*57% experienced improved time management

*51% experienced improved team performance

As a leader, improvements in these core areas can significantly enhance your performance and success.

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