Who I Help: My Clients

As a Certified Professional Coach, I coach across the career spectrum, from career entry to retirement. Based in Vancouver, Canada, I coach face to face as well as by phone, FaceTime or Skype, allowing my clients to be based anywhere in the world. 

Are you...

             -An experienced leader and manager wishing to strengthen your effectiveness and that of your team?

            -A new manager looking for an experienced coach-partner to support you in your transition?

             -Wanting to become a leader and are looking for guidance to get there?

             -A recent graduate wishing to explore career options, define your perfect career, and secure a position that best suits your career and life goals?

            -Wanting to define a clearer path to success in your current career?

            -Finding yourself unfulfilled in your job?

             -Undergoing transition and change in your current role?

             -Struggling with life-work disharmony?

            -Planning to retire, or have just retired, and are wondering what's next?

Regardless of where you are in your career or the challenge you're facing in your work, I will partner with you to explore new perspectives and possibilities. To help you create and enact a plan that will propel you forward to a brighter future - at work and in your life.

Interested in exploring further?  Contact me with any questions or to book a Complimentary Exploration Session.