Your Guide to Career Fulfillment

 My Mission

To help my clients realize their full potential in their careers through tapping into their personal power and innate strengths,and to guide them in creating a career experience that enriches their lives as a whole.

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Understanding your needs...

Your career is very important to you. Let's face it, you dedicate much of your time and energy in life to it. So, don't you deserve a successful career that offers meaning and fulfillment? One that provides challenge and leverages your unique strengths and talents?

Are you feeling stuck or undervalued and want to regain that challenge or sense of purpose. Perhaps you're an established leader looking for an experienced partner to support your growth. Or you aspire to become a leader and want to plot a course forward.

Whatever challenge you wish to overcome or goals you want to achieve, I will act as your partner and guide to make it happen.

How I Help...

I will...

-Partner with you to create a plan for success and fulfillment in your career and in your life as a whole.

-Help you to fully assess your current situation and to visualize the future you really want.

-Explore with you different perspectives that open up new and exciting avenues for positive change.

-Challenge your thinking, while helping you to hold yourself accountable to taking actions you've committed to.

-Create a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental space where you can fully and authentically express yourself.

As a Certified Professional Coach, my overarching purpose is to guide my clients to a truly enriching career experience. I draw on my own 27 years of experience in corporate life, and 17 years as a leader and coach. Experience which allows me to deeply relate to where you're coming from, whether you're a career professional, an established leader, or someone aspiring to leadership.

Individual Coaching Areas:

Career Success

Career Transition


Contact me with any questions you may have, or book a complimentary Exploration Session to explore further how I can help you.