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The Foundation for Leadership Success

    Up Your Inner Game

Often, the focus of Leadership Coaching is on helping leaders develop their external skill set. While this "external" work is important, it can miss the essential "internal" elements of leadership that create the foundation for success. 

My coaching focuses here - on your Inner Game. On your thinking and emotions, and the behaviours that arise from them.  Leaders who strengthen this critical aspect set themselves up to realize their potential while creating a truly fulfilling leadership experience.

The best leaders are servants of those they lead, their history of success arising from putting their teams and organizations first.

Unfortunately, in today's turbulent and ever-changing business world, servant leaders are finding themselves spread thin emotionally and physically as they strive to support others. Ultimately, the price often paid is a big one: sub-optimal performance, stress and low work satisfaction, and potential left unrealized.

Does this describe you?


Take Control Back

Changing external conditions can result in a leader feeling like they lack control. I help you take control back by exploring patterns of thinking and behaviour that are not serving you, and then creating alternative, more empowering approaches that energize and recenter you.

That allow you to get back into leadership flow.

If you're ready to create the leadership and career experience you desire, let's talk!  

Image of leader flexing arm muscles signifying manager coaching strength

"I highly recommend Glenn for leadership and career coaching. Over the past year and a half, I've had the privilege to be coached by Glenn in a variety of topics including career development, managing change, building leadership visibility and defining my leadership style. Glenn actively listens and engages with thoughtful questions and insightful, encouraging observations that help you identify new perspectives and actions to learn and grow as a leader. His extensive industrial and sales experience coupled with his coaching expertise make him an effective leadership partner for professionals working in corporate environments."
Lynn Z., Associate Director, Clinical Research


My 7-step Road to Change™ Coaching Process 

My Road to Change™ process is designed to help leaders become more resilient and empowered through building self-awareness.

I help you to translate new learning into real-life action steps and to stay accountable for applying them so that new, empowering behaviours are created.

Some common benefits include improved..

-Leadership presence and influence

-Personal Brand clarity

-Decision-making, strategic thinking and prioritization ability

-Ability to engage and inspire your team

-Clarity and sense of purpose

-Personal engagement and diminished stress

-Ability to manage conflict

-Resilience and adaptability to change


-Goal orientation and achievement

Click here for more on my My Road To Change™ transformative process and how it can help you achieve your optimal vision for your leadership!

Road to Change Coaching Process for leaders7-Component Road to Change™ Process

"Glenn and I had several coaching sessions on leadership challenges. Glenn was greatly helpful in partnering with me exploring my leadership values & principles and leverage coaching approach in engaging and motivating my team members and improving team performance. Glenn was a great listener and created safe space for me to freely look inside and explore the solutions there. In these sessions, Glenn also leveraged his own leadership experiences and insights and helped me to see the different perspectives and possibilities. I would highly recommend Glenn to anyone looking for coaching to be more effective in dealing with management/leadership challenges."

Kathy Z., Human Resources Director


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The Proven Benefits of Leadership Coaching

According to the 2014 Global Coaching Client Study from the International Coaching Federation, of leaders who had received coaching...

*80% experienced improved self-confidence

*72% experienced improved relationships

*72% experienced improved communication skills

*70% experienced improved work performance

*61% experienced improved business management

*57% experienced improved time management

*51% experienced improved team performance

As a leader, improvements in these core areas can significantly enhance your performance and success.

To learn more about who I am, please go to my About page.

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