My VISTA Coaching Model

“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.”    

Mary Pickford

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My VISTA Coaching Model is designed to fully integrate the International Coach Federation recommended process. At the same time, it reflects both my experience and coaching philosophy.

Effective coaching process and technique can be powerful and lead to new and exciting perspectives for the client. The term Vista is defined as “a pleasing view, especially one seen through a long, narrow opening”. Through the process of coaching, you are guided on a journey that shifts the current lens or viewpoint that is limiting growth. Moving you through new perspectives that open up a new landscape of possibility.

The VISTA Steps:

Define the Vision

“Intention orchestrates infinite possibilities.”

Deepak Chopra

Defining a clear vision for your future can be very powerful. When your intention is strong, it acts as a source of guidance and a powerful force moving you forward.

Questions to clarify your vision include…

  • What do you really want?

  • What does resolution of this challenge look and feel like? What might that mean for your life?

  • What do you truly value?

  • How are these deep-seated values aligned with where you are now?

  • What are you currently doing that is aligned with your vision for your career? For your life?

Explore the Issue

This is the piece of the iceberg that appears to sit above the waterline. The issue or challenge as presented may be a true reflection of the situation. Often, however, this area needs to be explored more deeply in order to uncover and clarify the real issue at hand.

Through directed questioning, I work closely with you to bring the issue into full view. This ensures that we are placing attention on what really matters to you. As Albert Einstein so aptly said: “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions”.

  • What is the real issue here?

  • What assumptions might you be making? If this was an assumption and not a fact, how does this change your view of the situation?

  • What does your intuition tell you may be blocking progress?

  • What emotions are you feeling right now that may be limiting you?

Shift the Lens

This is the solutions-finding stage. It is common that by the time a client reaches out to me for support, they are often already frustrated by the lack of process they feel they’re having. This frustration comes from engaging in a closed train of thought that is self-limiting.

Through deep questioning, I work with you to view your situation from new and different perspectives. This is an exciting part of the journey. It is here the Vista of possibility begins to open up as solutions emerge.

  • What do you know about yourself that might be blocking progress?

  • What can you control?

  • How is your current thinking serving you? What can you shift to align with what you really want?

  • How can you gain greater alignment of your goals with your true purpose?

  • If you knew you couldn’t fail, how would this change things? What would you do differently?

Tailor an Action Plan

Once possible solutions have been developed, they need to be translated into actionable and measurable steps that will effect change. This is where your roadmap for success is created. This plan incorporates not only the key actions needed to bring solutions to life, but also sets priorities and timelines for completion.

  • What steps will you take to bring your solutions to reality?

  • Where will you start?

  • What is your timeframe for completion of the plan? Of the individual actions?

  • What will be your milestones along the way?

Activate and Apply the Plan

“Vision without action is merely a dream.”

Joel Austin

In this final stage, the “rubber hits the road”. Without action, even the best-laid plan will falter. We will discuss what will be necessary for you to:

-Hold yourself accountable for taking action.

-Stay focused and motivated.

-Recognize and acknowledge your progress.

As your coach, I will be here as an important part of your support team, to help you stay focused on your plan and see it through to fruition.

  • What will it take to for you to activate your plan?

  • What are possible roadblocks you may experience along the path? How will you address these?

  • What supports and structures will you use to keep yourself accountable?

  • How will you keep yourself motivated along the way?

During all stages of the coaching partnership, we will continually come back to your overarching vision to ensure that its power is maximized.

"Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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